A rescue for feral, shy, and special needs dogs.

Rescuing the dogs too afraid to have a voice. 

I have worked in the rescue world for years and have noticed a group of dogs that do not get the attention they deserve. Feral dogs are considered "Unadoptable" by many shelters and rescues. I started this group to have save feral, shy, and shut down dogs sitting in kill shelters, striving to survive in the wild, and ones that just need someone to speak up for them. We cater to the special needs and senior pups who are also at risk for euthanasia. 

All of the money from the T-shirt sales will go towards the medical bills for these awesome dogs! We will have some updated pics and more merchandise soon. Please dont hesitate to ask for a certain size or color and we can likely purchase it with our next order! 

Thank you for supporting our rescue!